Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's well beyond the end of my third-year here, at CalARTs. This year was uberly tough on me, though just as rewarding. Cyberdog is still in production and I've been working on a different animation test to try out some ideas. So here they are:

This is the final sequence of Cyberdog. Cyberdog is an internet virus that uses a computer monitor for his body as he chases down a young brother and sister he has befriended. After nearly being deleted, Mikey, the boy, transfers the virus into a tamagachi, his new home.

The tall, older brother makes an attempt to impress his younger sister with a lil good ol' acting, and it backfires :P I made this test to play around with locomotion and using key poses to keep the acting clear. I can tell that the boy is thinking, so it's a success for me. It'll go into the 'ready to cook' section of my hard drive, hopefully I can finish this some time.

Comments and Crits are greatly appreciated.

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